We are working dogs

Rugged. And all terrain.

Bred with purpose.

Inch. By inch.

Trained so they can live and work with you.

Equipped with on and off switches.

The face.

Standard features of the breed.

Our testament of well-bred dogs.

Custom trained for your desired needs.

Common roles our dogs perform.

  • Detection for public and private sector
  • Police and security roles
  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency preparedness
  • PTSD Therapy
  • Pickup, retrieve, and help disabled veterans
  • Control anxiety, panic attacks and provide assistance during seizures
  • Outdoor recreation companionship
  • Dog sports and competition
  • Hiking, jogging, cycling, and camping
  • Homesteading

Breed betterment. Puppy program.

For those who want to raise from scratch.

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