About Us


The first education based company promoting the ethical development of the Belgian Malinois breed.

Our goal is to spread awareness about this breed in a responsible manner. Our passion for the Belgian Malinois permeates our company culture. We seek to inspire you with information and help you learn about this breed before acquiring one.

We believe that education is the key to protecting the Belgian Malinois.

Browse through our products so that you may find all the knowledge necessary to decide whether this breed is the right one for you…

And if this happens to be your first Malinois, I recommend you start out with our product, ‘My First Malinois: The Success Booklet‘.

In this short easy-to-read booklet, you’ll find important information you need to know that will prepare yourself mentally and physically for welcoming your new K9 into your life.

PS. And if you ever find yourself ready to make the leap and acquire your first puppy… know that we’ll be here…ready to guide you through the whole process so that we can together make the transition of your new Malinois puppy into your home a successful one.



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