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8 8 8 – 6 1 9 – 1 1 7 4
6 2 0 0 S t o n e r i d g e M a l l R d #300
P l e a s a n t o n, C A 9 4 5 8 8


Book a 30min Phone Consultation

Want to talk to an experienced K9 handler about the breed?… Book a 30-minute consultation to help you answer any questions you may have. This is great if you’re new to the breed and would like to get some feedback and guidance on whether this is the right dog for you… And if you’re already a Malinois owner, this can be a great opportunity to get coaching and tips on becoming a better dog handler and to correct unwanted behavior…all so that you can build a good relationship with your dog- based on mutual respect, love and trust.  

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