Malman K9 Club letter

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_font=”Arial” font_style=”normal” font_spacing=”0″]Hello

I would like to welcome you to the Malman K9 Club.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about this. On this page you will find the next steps to complete if you want to come on-board with us.

Because of the limited amount of puppies available in this program- we have segmented our email list into groups of 10 which we will be emailing at the same time and giving them a period of 3 days to decide before moving on to another group of candidates. This will give everyone a fair chance and priority will be given according to the order of payments received. As soon as all of our available puppies in this program are taken- we will stop and bring the payment page down.

Thanks again,

On behalf of the Malman K9 team,

Steve Malman[/text_block]

Pricing Breakdown

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”26″ font_font=”Arial”]Breeding Recovery fee: $349

Monthly Membership: $33[/text_block]

Time Left

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]


11th July 2016 – 8:10 pm

Steps To Follow

  • 1

    Pay Breeding Recovery Fee $349

    This $349 will help us recoup a portion of our expenses incurred during the process of breeding and other related fees such as health, legal, import, stud fees and travel costs. This is a one time payment and may be credited to purchase price if you decide to buy puppy later.

  • 2

    Submit Your Background Report

    Obtain your report from any major reporting authority and email it to us. Don’t send your Social Security. You may obtain your report at Experian, Transunion or Equifax. You get an annual report for free and that works just fine.

  • 3

    Sign Agreement

    Agreements will be sent to you via email for signature. You may use Docusign, which is an app to sign documents with your finger on Android or Iphone.

  • 4

    Schedule Puppy Pickup Date

    If everything is submitted and everything looks good, we will schedule to arrange puppy pickup date.


  • q-iconHow long can I keep puppy?

    As long as you continue paying your monthly Membership fees and as long as we are not informed of neglect or animal abuse.

  • q-iconHow will you assign puppies?

    We will go over your application and based on your lifestyle assign you with the right puppy for you.

  • q-iconDo you provide information on parents (sire/dam)?

    We keep that information private for the most part. We have no interest in attracting people with a ‘breeding’ mentality. If you want genetic history of our puppy you would have to pay the cost for a puppy with pedigree- which is subject to our approval of sale.

  • q-iconWhy do you require background report?

    We want to make sure our puppies are going to a safe and responsible home…We also want to make sure we avoid identity fraud by drafting the agreements to your real legal name and legal residence.

  • q-iconDo you have more questions? Contact us.

    1 – 8 8 8 – 6 19 – 1 1 7 4

  • You are committed to providing the best quality of life to this Malinois puppy.
  • You understand we own the puppy you will be provided under this program.
  • You agree to make ‘Breeding Recovery’ payment of $349 (which is non-refundable)
  • You agree to pay monthly Membership Club dues of $33 per month for as long as you keep our puppy.
  • You may optionally decide to purchase puppy upon our approval for the amount not exceeding $1,450 USD (without pedigree), or $2,650 USD (with pedigree).
  • You agree that sire/dam history, names, images and other information will not be given to you (unless otherwise agreed).
  • If you decide to purchase later, the Breeding Recovery fee of $349 will be credited towards purchase price of puppy.
  • You understand that as the ‘Legal K9 Handler’, possessor and caretaker for this dog- as agreed on this contract, you’re personally liable for any property damages, bites or lawsuits/claims, and we (Malman K9, LLC) including its members, employees, or owners will not be held responsible.
  • You understand that all veterinarian fees are not reimbursable and are your sole responsibility to bear.
  • You understand that no surgical procedure or alteration of dog is to be made without our prior approval.
  • In the event of death of dog, a documented veterinarian diagnosis, pictures, police reports or any other information will be required in order to determine cause of death.
  • If death of dog is due to negligence or abuse, full purchase price will be owed to us and depending on the severity of the situation you may be charged with animal cruelty/abuse.
  • If the death of animal comes as a result of old age or natural illness, we will dismiss it as a natural death and you may acquire a puppy in the future with us again if desired.


You submitted an application for a
Belgian Malinois puppy at our
Puremalinois site.
I wanted to let you know that we
have puppies available through
one of our programs that we hold
yearly called the
Malman K9 Club.
This program will give you the oppo-
rtunity to be part of a group of dist-
inguished Malinois lovers and bring
home a puppy at a very low cost.
In this program you’re going to take
part in a community of Belgian Ma-
linois handlers and network, build fri-
ends, meet the handlers of your lit-
termate, and share tips on caring,
training and having a great dog ex-
We try to keep these groups small a-
nd every year after a group reach-
es 10 people, we create a new one
so that the dynamic is not lost and
everyone gets to know each-other.
If interested in this program- you’ll be
assigned with a Belgian Malinois puppy
from a specific breeding…
…on which then you’ll send us an evaluation
in regards to puppy’s performance, temper-
ament, health and other information both
short-term and long-term.
This report is a simple form that we’ll send
to you to fill out online and submit every qu-
arter for the first year, then every semester
The benefit of this program to us is that it
will helps us enhance our breeding plans and
help us determine best sire/dam combinations
for improving the breed into the future.
We are specially seeking for our
pups to serve in homes with any one
or a combination of the following roles:
  • Service dog
  • Therapy dog
  • PTSD/anxiety/seizure support dog
  • Search and rescue
  • Emotional support
  • Home guard/security dog
  • Other working purposes
  • With retired/active veterans
  • With active families; outdoor recreation; adventures; hiking; jogging and travel…
Additional details below…
This program is a great way for people
who are new to the breed to become
introduced as it allows a supportive e-
nvironment of others more experienced
to guide you. So you’re not at it alone.
The puppies in this program are assigned
according to their temperament, so your
experience level will determine what level
of puppy we assign to you.
In this specific program, we will own the
puppy we assign to you at all times. You’ll
become the ‘legal handler’, guardian and
caretaker…and you’ll have the freedom to
do almost anything with the dog…
You may keep the puppy as long as you
want…or return to us when you’re no longer
interested. We won’t ask for pup to be retur-
ned to us unless we are notified of some
type of neglect or animal abuse.
We will respect your stewardship over this
puppy once you bring it home and for its life-
This becomes even more true after establishing
a bond and a strong relationship with you and the
rest of your family as we wouldn’t want to break
your newly formed family apart. ♥
In this regard, we prefer long-term stable homes
that plan being onboard for 10yrs plus…
More Info.
You may train the dog as you wish and have
it serve you in any role you want.
You may move with the dog within the U.S. as
long as we’re updated with the new information.
Your Obligations:
  • You are to keep veterinarian visits up to date
  • You’re liable for any damages dog creates
  • Although we own the dog, you’re the ‘legal handler’, possessor and caretaker.
  • You provide food, water, shelter.
  • You’re responsible for all health and veterinarian expenses
  • You pay for your local dog law requirements and licensing including the mandated rabies shot
  • You may not breed
  • You may not move outside the U.S.
  • You may not compete professionally.
  • You will not be given information on parents (sire/dam) including names, pictures or pedigrees
  • You may not do major alterations or surgical procedures w/o our authorization
Most of these would typically apply if
you’d purchased puppy.)
Background Check 
Whether you purchase a puppy, or whet-
her you become a member of the Mal-
man K9 Club, we require to have a copy
of your background check on file.
This is to prevent identity fraud and to
make sure the contracts drafted are leg-
itimate by going off of this information
(Legal name/s and legal residence, etc…).
You may submit to us your ‘self-pulled’
report from any major reporting authority
such as Experian, Transunion or Equifax
as long as its no more than 30 days old.
You can get a free annual report by going
directly to,
(We don’t need your Social
Security. Please don’t send.)
To be part of our “Malman K9 Club” there
are two costs involved.
The first is to recoup a part of our expenses
for the breeding, travel, stud fees, importing,
veterinarian visits, health checks, legal, and/or
other costs incurred directly or indirectly to
produce puppy.
This recovery cost is minimal and
is your “Breeding Recovery” fee.
Breeding Recovery fee: $349.
Again this is a VERY modest amount a-
nd only a tiny portion of all the expenses we
typically incur to breed- and considering
that on average the cost of a puppy we
sell is $2,150.
The second cost is your monthly
Club Membership fee.
Club Membership fee: $33/mo.
Many people ask me if they can pur-
chase puppy instead.
If you prefer to purchase pup we can
make some exceptions depending
on the specific situation, but selling
away our pups is not our purpose
in this program.
To buy- our puppy prices range betw-
een $1,100 to $1,500 without pedigr-
ee. With their pedigree they start bet-
ween $2,450 to $2,650…
If you buy we will still continue with the
agreement for the K9 evaluations to be
sent to us quarterly for the first year d-
uring puppyhood and then every seme-
ster thereafter…
To give you a better idea- this program
was specifically created so that we can build
close relationships with our chosen Mal-
inois Handlers, obtain evaluations from our
breedings, build a community, and to make
our services more accessible financial wise
for certain segments of our clientele such as
retired veterans and other underserved cu-
stomers needing a working/therapy/service
dog without the large financial upfront cost.
More details below.
Limited amount of puppies are available
through this program.
The ‘Breeding Recovery’ fee of $349 is not refund-
able, but could be applied as credit for the
pup if you preferred to purchase later.
Monthly Club Membership fees are non-
refundable nor credited towards the pur-
chase price of puppy.
If you purchase puppy, there are no refu-
nds on purchase price, but we will take our
dogs back ANYTIME.
Branding and Tracking
All of our Malinois puppies are permanently
branded with a “Malman” tattoo and an id
number in the inner thigh.
This branding makes it possible
to track and identify all of the dogs that
we have produced, to have organized
records, take responsibility for them when
the ‘legal handlers’ and owners fail… and
to assure the health, quality and performa-
nce of dogs that come from us long into
the future. If dog ever gets lost, with this
identification people will typically search
for our company on Google and contact
us with the id number, which we will then
contact the ‘legal handler’ or owner on
Veterinarian fees that are incurred are non-
reimbursable and are your sole responsi-
bility to bear after taking possession of p-
uppy- whether you outright purchase or
become a member of our “Malman K9 Club”.
Cost of feeding and housing are also part
of your commitment to provide as a member
of our community.
As a member of the
“Malman K9 Club”,
you will be added to a Facebook group to
share with other members your experiences,
anecdotes, tips and funny stories with your
Belgian Malinois.
This typically gets very fun as everyone sta-
rts sharing their life with their new Malinois
online and with the other members in the gr-
Instructions Your $349 payment and your ‘self-pulled’
report will get you started.
After submitting these, we will review your
original puppy application and if everything lo-
oks good, we will schedule you for puppy pic-
kup and have you sign the legal agreements.
Puppy Availability
We have ONE puppy ready for pickup
immediately July 15th, 2016.
We will have one male and one female
available in August 15th, 2016 for pickup.
Then a male and female in September 9th,
As soon as these opportunities are exhausted
the payment page will be brought down.
Puppy Pickup
Puppy will be ready for pick-up at
San Diego International Airport (SAN)
without additional travel costs to you.
However if you want pup to fly out to
any other airport in the US, its an esti-
mated $350 extra cost depending on
the airline.
An invoice will be generated and sent
out to you via email to pay your monthly
Club Membership fees, which commences
the day you pick up puppy.
We have an automated payments feature
online via Freshbooks for you to set your
credit card on auto.
You’ll also be given a password to sign in
with your email to your account and view
your statements and payment history on-
line with us.

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Payment $349



For Questions:

1 (8 8 8) 6 1 9 – 1 1 7 4

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