Company Features:

  • We have the best Malinois handlers onboard to better serve your needs
  • Our Malinois trainers work locally with our customers in CA, OR, WA, AZ, CO, UT, TX, MD, NJ, FL, and +++… with more places opening up every year
  • All of our work revolves around the Malinois breed
  • We’re a brand that is recognized worldwide
  • We promote the K9 lifestyle in a responsible manner by educating our customers
  • We offer K9 education programs and courses for seasoned K9 handlers as well as for first-time Malinois owners
  • For work, sport and pleasure…our dogs are balanced to meet your purpose

 Malinois Breed Features

  • Dependable when you need them
  • Strong minded that will never give up
  • Confident dog that will make you feel safe
  • Healthy with very little genetic problems
  • Protective of its handler to keep danger away
  • Medium sized to make travel convenient
  • Low grooming requirements
  • Smart to learn tricks quickly
  • Challenging both intellectually and physically
  • Loyal until the end, will never betray you
  • Long lifespan- 12-15 years or more +++
  • Prey driven and motived to work/play with you

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